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Grab the Keys to Adventure: Your Go-To Safari Vehicle Rental

4x4 safari vehicle car hire equipped with rooftop tent and custom canopy, ready for adventure in Africa.


Grab the Keys to Adventure: Your Go-To Safari Vehicle Rental

Looking for that off-the-grid getaway? Bush and Desert Car Hire is here for you. We’re all about making your self-drive holiday effortless, with a standout safari vehicle ready to glide you through Africa’s stunning landscapes in comfort and style.

Ride in Style with the Toyota Hilux Double Cab

Our garage is full of Toyota Hilux Double Cab trucks, the kings of the African roads. Tough, reliable, and made for the rough stuff, these beasts are just waiting to take you wherever you want to go.

Gear Up Like a Pro

We’re all about that 4×4 life. Our crew loves overlanding just as much as you do, and we make sure every vehicle is spotless and ready to rumble before you even step foot in it. Plus, we kit them out with all the camping and 4×4 gear you could need.

Your Adventure, Your Budget

Who says adventures can’t be easy on the wallet? Our safari vehicle rentals are all about giving you the best bang for your buck, without skimping on quality or gear.

Go the Distance

With huge fuel tanks and the option to tack on extra jerry cans, you can wave goodbye to constant fuel stops and keep the adventure rolling.

Sleeping Under the Stars, Your Way

Whether you’re a solo traveler or rolling with a buddy, we’ve got the sleeping setup for you. Our tents are cosy, and our bedding is just like home—because roughing it doesn’t have to be rough.

Safety is King

We don’t just hand over the keys and wave goodbye. We’ll give you the full rundown on your safari vehicle, making sure you’re all set for a safe and epic journey.

Customise Your Ride

Need more gear? No problem. Satellite phones, GPS units—you name it, we can add it to your ride for that extra peace of mind.

More Than Just a Drive

Remember, a self-drive safari is all about soaking up everything Africa has to offer. Why not add a scenic flight or a river cruise to your trip? We’re all about turning your drive into a full-blown adventure.

Namibia, Botswana, South Africa? Let’s Go!

Choosing Bush and Desert Car Hire means you’re in for a real adventure, not just a drive. We’re here to make sure your African safari is nothing short of amazing. Ready to hit the road? Let’s make those wild African landscapes your playground. Check out fully kitted 4×4 rigs, get fast pricing with our online rates calculator and book your ride. 

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